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Allevi Now Available Through VWR

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Here at Allevi, we are constantly working to make our bioprinters and bioinks accessible to scientists worldwide.  Our mission is to get Allevi 3D bioprinters into the best research labs where they can accelerate the pace of discovery and push the boundaries of biology. That's why today we're excited to announce that you can now shop Allevi products on the world's leading life science equipment distributor; VWR International. 

Now it’s easier than ever to get an Allevi bioprinter into your lab and begin changing the world. Join us.

Meet Allevi 3: The bioprinter for every application.

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Have you noticed? Exciting things are happening in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Since our humble beginnings, the Allevi community has grown to labs in all corners of the globe and includes the world’s best scientists and pharmaceutical innovators. And your work is having an impact.

With every new #AlleviAuthor paper that gets published, our incredible community wows us with yet another mind-blowing application. Whether you are creating personalized bone grafts, printing tumor models for better drug testing, or studying the dynamics of the vasculature system - we provided you a tool and you have amazed us with what you have accomplished with it.

Today, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to the Allevi family of 3D bioprinters that was inspired by your work - the Allevi 3. The Allevi 3 is easy to use, extremely versatile, and yet still incredibly powerful. Check out the bioprinter that can bring your work to life. What will you build?

Bioprinting offers hope of new treatment paths for cancer patients

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Our amazing users at The University of Waikato will use their Allevi 2 to research new treatment paths for cancer patients that could eventually lead to cancer tumors being treated outside patients' bodies.

We are constantly inspired by this amazing community of scientists who are changing the way we design, heal and build with life. And we're here to support them along the way! Read on to learn more about this incredible research.

Allevi Author: Review of Bone Biofabrication Methods & Bioinks

In the USA alone, 500,000 bone grafting procedures are performed annually, with musculoskeletal-related disabilities costing about $240 billion each year. In spite of the advancements over the past 20 years, scientists and engineers have been unable to provide a material that fulfills every characteristic needed for bone tissue to be physiologically relevant in clinical applications.

In this edition of the #AlleviAuthor series, our very own Director of Bioengineering, Taci Pereira, reviews state of the art bone tissue biofabrication technologies for the Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine.

hyperelastic bone compression tissue engineering bioprint bioprinter allevi

Pereira examines the six essential characteristics of bone graft materials; osteoinduction, osteoconduction, osteointegration, biocompatibility, translatability, and growth factor necessity.  

In addition to reviewing bioinks for bone engineering, Pereira examines the different techniques that have emerged within the biofabrication field; 3D bioprinting, selective laser sintering (SLS), electrospinning and stereolithography.

Read on below to learn about the promising methods for bone engineering, where Pereira sees a need for innovation and why she is excited for the future of Hyperelastic Bone.

State of the art biofabrication technologies and materials for bone tissue engineering


A Birthday Gift from Us to You: The Allevi Rewards Program

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This month marks our fourth birthday and as we look back on our first four years, we are most grateful for the amazing Allevi community. Without you - our customers and collaborators - we would not have reached the landmarks we have as a company. It is because of your groundbreaking work that we have automated the creation of disease models, published in the best scientific journals, and come closer to our goals of bioprinting organs, stopping animal testing, and ending the organ donor list.

From your feedback and support, we have worked tirelessly to improve our platform to suit your needs by creating more versatile bioprinters, more powerful software, and a range of material offerings that allow you to focus on what really matters.

We look forward to continuing to tackle the world’s biggest challenges with you on our side, and we want to show you how grateful we are for your loyalty and support. This is why we are launching the Allevi Rewards program!

With the Allevi Rewards program, you get rewarded for being a part of this community. When you purchase bioinks and bioprinters, you earn points to use in our shop. In addition, you can get bonus points by participating in surveys, giving testimonials, giving bioprinter referrals, posting pictures using our hashtags, and joining our newsletter. Think of it this way – now every dollar in your budget goes even further with us. You are getting more back so that you can keep pushing your work forward! 

Check out our website for more details on how to become one of our Gold, Platinum, or Elite members. And welcome to the family!

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