Allevi Author: Nathan from Drexel Univ First-authors this study of hydrogels

nathan tessema ersumo drexel University spiller lab allevi

Onto a very special #AlleviAuthor - our user Nathan Tessema Ersumo was an undergrad from Dr. Kara Spiller's Lab at Drexel University when he FIRST authored this beauty.

Nathan used the Allevi BetaBot to study the mechanical properties of different hydrogels for applications within tissue engineering.  There are still many unknowns about the mechanical properties of biomaterials before and after printing. Nathan's paper studies the the differences in the Young's moduli between bioprinted and molded constructs. 

We're especially proud of this work because it highlights a core aspect of our mission here at Allevi; accessibility. We design our platforms to be accessible and affordable to everyone in the lab. That versatility and ease of use makes it possible to make novel discoveries like this one and to #buildwithlife (even during the undergrad years). 

You can download and read the publication here.