Because it's Beautiful: Allevi BetaBot Featured in Museum of Design Atlanta

Why should the things we work with every day not be beautiful? 

At Allevi, we’ve put a lot of thought into the look and feel of our products, as well as their function. We want to build devices that inspire our users to innovate and do things that have never been done. 

We’re changing the look of the lab bench, with the smallest, lightest high-resolution 3D bioprinter on the market. We designed it for you, and all the amazing things you’re going to do with it, and we want it to look as amazing when you’re using it, as when you’re not.

We’re even prouder of our latest design creation: Allevi 2. Sleeker, more refined, with all the features you asked for. Check it out here

21st Century Prometheus

Mary Shelley published her magnum opus, Frankenstein, in 1818. It was at this point in human history that the burgeoning scientific revolution of the 19th century ushered in one of the most awe-inspiring eras of progress and innovation the world has ever seen, which culminated in the consummate fruition of the industrial revolution.

Through her seminal work, Shelley attempted quite successfully to represent the collective human terror in the face of unprecedented advances in the fields of science and industry that revolutionized classical conceptions of reality and the relationship between man and machine. Technological innovations such as the steam engine and textile factory began to modernize industry and commerce, and people saw their lives assume a far from blissful coexistence with many of these unknown and complicated machines. Essentially, man witnessed the true union of technology and human life for the first time on a mass scale, and initially reacted with a mixture of skepticism, confusion, and cautious curiosity.

3d printed vasculature blood vessels.jpg

Here at Allevi, we are looking to once again amalgamate human life and technology through our innovative biological 3D printing process. By 3D printing biological structures from mass produced and cost effective biomaterials, we envision a world where man and technology will coexist in a blissful harmony. The Allevi team and our partners are embarking on printing structures that may serve as the remedies to a plethora of debilitating conditions that weaken the natural human condition, and, ultimately, improve human life.

Fact: We, as a society, are currently standing on the forefront of one of the most explosive eras of discovery and progress the world has ever seen. All it takes is a spark, and here at Allevi, we aim to not only kindle this spark, but also to engineer the circumstances and support the community in which it can grow and thrive.